A recent slew of media articles spurred this follow up to our blog post in March regarding increased profits by insurance companies coupled with inadequate benefits for victims of motor vehicle accidents. personal injury lawyer mississauga have been holding their breath, waiting for a resolution of many of these topics over the last couple years, and it seems it will take at least a couple more for the system to work itself out.

The NDP has been very vocal lately regarding increasing car insurance rates, claiming that some clients in Ontario have seen their insurance premiums increase by up to 30%. Unfortunately, these premiums have increased despite insurance company profits being higher and despite injury benefits for victims of motor vehicle accidents being substantially lower.

The government seems to be fixated on claiming that fraud has been the culprit in skyrocketing claims and that curtailing this fraud would bring down insurance rates. We can all agree that fraud needs to be eliminated as best possible, however we are shocked that very little attention has been given to the insufficient and inadequate benefits offered to victims of car accidents, particularly those placed in the Minor Injury Guideline by the insurance companies.

As car accident lawyers, we have witnessed first-hand the inadequate treatment that the MIG limited $3,500 provides for victims of “minor injuries” such as whiplash or sprains and strains. This arbitrary amount is being applied by the insurance companies to 80% of accident victims, almost regardless of their injuries. Furthermore, many clients are cut off at the pre-approved amount of $2,200 after their first treatment plan.

We hope that the upcoming months and years offer some clarity to the handicapped system in which we are currently working, and that the powers that be come to grips with the fact that legitimate victims of car accidents in Ontario are being significantly shortchanged when it comes to available treatment and benefits. The main purpose of accident benefits in the first place should be to ensure that anyone injured in an accident will be rehabilitated to their pre-injury condition.

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Stephan Intraligi, Hon.B.A., J.D., Esq.

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