It has been over two years since the Ontario government instituted a sweeping regime change to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule in Ontario. These changes were sold to the Ontario public under the premise that by reducing the benefits available to victims of motor vehicle accidents, motorists’ insurance premiums would therefore be lowered. However, despite drastic increases in profits over the last two years (one Ontario insurance company actually more than doubled its profits in the last year), insurance rates were down a paltry 0.26% last year.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is very aware of these increased profits within the insurance industry and has been calling for a fifteen percent cut in insurance premiums for Ontarians. It will be interesting to see which way this whole thing goes in the next year or two. In the meantime, Ontario motorists continue to see their benefits cut, namely due to the Minor Injury Guideline, which limits physiotherapy payments to $3,500, all in the name of lower insurance premiums which have not arrived. Frankly, it is far from certain that even a bigger cut in premiums would sufficiently offset the downside of no longer having access to fair and necessary benefits which have been stripped by the province.

What we can do as Ontario drivers is everything possible to reduce the amount of car insurance fraud and hope that the money insurance companies waste on fraudulent payouts could be spent assisting legitimate victims receive the care and compensation they deserve. When at the scene of an accident, gather as much information you can about the other vehicles involved, their drivers and passengers. Make sure you either call the police or file an accident report at one of the Collision Reporting Centres. Don’t fall for any get cash quick schemes or suspicious referrals to body shops or health care providers.

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