As personal Injury Lawyers in Ontario we have witnessed a series of unique events this winter. It has been an incredibly cold and icy season and there has been quite an increase of weather-related personal injury accidents. At Intraligi Law Firm, we have noticed a increase of approximately 20 percent in single-car accidents this year over last, predominantly caused by icy road conditions. Slip and falls due to snow and ice have seen an even higher increase of 25 percent. These slip and falls occur on city sidewalks, private walkways, and at a number of privately owned properties such as gas stations and parking lots.

One of the interesting side-effect of our snowy winter this year has been an increase of injuries caused by falling ice from tall buildings. According to a recent Toronto Star article, due to the fact that so many new buildings in Toronto are energy-efficient and retain heat, there has been an increase of melting and falling ice from these buildings injuring pedestrians. Many of these buildings have begun to post signs warning pedestrians of the possible danger, but they have not yet become commonplace.

There is still over a month remaining in winter, so happy trails to all pedestrians in Ontario from Intraligi Law Firm. Be mindful of weather conditions, be sure to be wearing proper footwear and to avoid walking on overly icy sidewalks and walkways. And make sure to always keep an eye in the sky 😉

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