According to a Toronto Star article of December 10, 2012, on average, 6 people are hit by a vehicle in Toronto every day. This means that approximately a couple thousand people per year are involved in car accidents where they were pedestrians. The winter season is obviously the time during which, as personal injury lawyers, we see the most pedestrian-related motor vehicle accidents. The spike during this season is mainly due to snow, ice and bad visibility. As you can imagine, the injuries suffered by pedestrians are often much more serious than those suffered by victims who were injured behind the wheel.

Pedestrians hit by a car in Ontario benefit from the general presumption that the driver was at fault, however this certainly does not apply in every case. If the pedestrian was jaywalking or illegally crossing the road, liability becomes a serious question. When such an accident takes place, only a personal injury lawyer in Toronto can help you determine your rights and ensure you follow the proper procedure to obtain your entitlements.

Here are some safety tips from personal injury lawyer mississauga to follow as a pedestrian in order to avoid an accident: Don’t assume that a driver has seen you. Make eye contact with a driver and indicate clearly with gestures the direction in which you plan to walk. If you’re walking at night, wear bright clothing and be mindful of dangerous drivers. Reduce the number of distractions: I wonder how many accidents have occurred in the last few years due to people texting or talking on their smartphones while crossing a road… As a driver, if you’ve had the misfortune of hitting a pedestrian with your car, make sure you stop, call 911 and keep the person safe until the authorities arrive.

By all means, go green, leave the car at home and walk to work, but make sure you obey all street signs, traffic lights, and keep a vigilant eye. Happy New Year from Intraligi Law Firm!

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