The ski season is just around the corner and surely many of you can’t wait to see those first powdery snow flakes!

Although skiing is inherently a dangerous sport, ski-related injuries are a lot less frequent than people would think. Over the years, the development of advanced equipment such as shaped skis and advanced bindings have drastically reduced the rate of injury occurrences on the ski slopes.

Nevertheless, injuries do happen and sadly some of them are very serious.

You may have signed a personal injury waiver before venturing out onto the slopes, but these waivers do not cover all types of liability. The key thing to consider if you’ve had a ski or snowboarding related injury is whether the accident was simply accidental or whether it was related to the negligence of another skier, faulty equipment, or the ski resort.

Many ski injuries occur due to the negligent behavior of other skiers, whether the other skier is skiing dangerously or without heed for specific warnings. It is also possible that the resort itself was negligent in a number of ways, for example by failing to indicate certain dangers on a slope or by leaving dangerous equipment on a trail. A ski resort could also have a malfunctioning ski lift resulting in a serious fall and injury. Less frequently, faulty ski equipment has occasionally proven to be responsible for ski and snowboard injuries.

And for those of you who are curious, here is an interesting statistic reported by the Huffington Post as researched by the University of Vermont: snowboarders are more likely to be injured than skiers, with the leading category being inexperienced female boarders.

Skiing and snowboarding are incredibly rewarding activities but must be enjoyed in a precautious manner in order to prevent injuries that could last a lifetime. Be safe and happy trails!

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