1- Look After Injured:
Call 911 for an ambulance. Try not to move injured persons unless you need to in order to get them away from danger. Leave vehicles as they are in any serious accident as this may be an important part of the evidence explaining the crash.

2- Report The Accident:
If anyone is injured or if the damage of the accident exceeds $1,000, call the police. If the police gives you an Accident Report, make sure you keep this document as it is a vital source of information. In other cases, the police may direct you to a Collision Reporting Centre. You can find a list of these centres at www.accsupport.com

3- Take Notes:
Write down the names, addresses, phone numbers and insurance information of other drivers. Record the license plate numbers of all vehicles.

4- Statements:
Do not give any statements to anyone except the police. Write down any statements anyone else at the scene has made. Call a lawyer to avoid any of the possible pitfalls one may face when dealing with insurance companies before taking any further step.

Please download the Car Accident Form form the link below:

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